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In this page, according to BesMerchan product engineer's life experience, we present a gout treatment plan with a feedback control flow chartbest uric acid home testing kit, best gout treatment medicines and gout risk reducing foods.

Gout is one of the chronic diseases, so BesMerchan also presented chronic disease treatment rules.

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BesMerchan's Gout Treatment Plan

  1. Do not allow blood uric acid level higher than saturation level at body temperature (around 6.8 mg/L)! Even doctor says it is ok to be up to 7.2 mg/L!
  2. Have a clearly usful treatment plan (See the following chart)! We gout patient must do whatever healthily possible to keep uric acid level between 3.0 mg/L to 6.0 mg/L. Leave some margin to the saturation point (6.8 mg/L). A foot joint's temperature is frequently much lower than body temperature which means saturation can be as low as 6.0 mg/L.

    BesMerchan's Gout Feedback Control Flow Chart

  3. Have a home uric acid test kit available and frequently monitor uric acid level. Use the test results to evaluate each treatment's effectiveness and make adjustments frequently.
  4. Keep uric acid level between 3.0 mg/L to 6.0 mg/L by having at least some of the following healthy living styles:
    1. Appropriate physical activity. Prefer yoga, not jogging. Less computer and TV time.
    2. Get plenty of rest.
    3. Have a great breakfast, filling lunch and hungry dinner.
    4. Drink mineral water, not reversed osmosis filtered water. No sugary sodas.
    5. Eat healthy low purine foods. Limited or no red meat/dairy/cheese product. Try to be a vegetarian.
    6. Eat dark green leafy vegetables everyday. Eat some radish and celery when it is convenient.
    7. Limit calorie intake to keep a healthy weight.
    8. When natural ways of lowering uric acid failed to meet the goal ( > 6 mg/L uric acid level), consider using Benzbromarone to quickly excrete uric acid. If using Benzbromarone is not appropriate, consider Allopurinol to suppress uric acid formation.


  1. After body uric acid level is in control for sometime (6 month or more) so the uric acid dissolving around the joints to the blood stream is limited, just to be a vegetarian is all you need to control gout ( = < 6 mg/L uric acid level). No medication is needed anymore.
  2. A few vegetables like: asparagus and soy bean drink contain strong purine (uric acid building material). They should be avoided even as a vegetarian.

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    Best Uric Acid Home Testing Kit

    Kernel Multi-Test Kit

    Kernel Uric Acid Test Kit

        Beget: $78.60 for a complete kit with 10 uric acid and 10 glucose test strips. $23.66 for 25 uric acid test strips.

    (As of 11/19/2012 @

    Key points that Kernel uric acid test kit wins the recommendation:

    • Easily available for purchasing from internet.
    • Low price with acceptable accuracy.


    • It takes practice to sample blood correctly for < 0.5 mg/L uric acid measurement accuracy.
    • Massage from arm to the finger tip to push more blood to the finger tip.
    • Punch between middle and side of finger tip for capillary blood vessels, not middle of a finger tip.
    • Flesh blood required. Sample must be taken within 10 seconds after blood is out, or test result may not consistent and accurate.

    What to expect:

    • Several test strips will be wasted at the very first beginning of learning for not getting enough amount of blood or too late in sampling the blood.
    • It takes some practice to get consistent and convincing test results.
    • Gout attack could still occurred even uric acid level is lower than saturation point (< 6.8 mg/L) due to over active immune system triggered by cold/flu or hot weather.
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    Best Gout Treatment Medicines

    Benzbromarone (2010 recommendation)

    Colchicine (2000 recommendation)

    50 mg tablets x 10


        Beget: $5.00 per month if the medicine is purchased from China. - Made by Germany, packed in China.

    Key points that Benzbromarone wins the recommendation:

    • Quickly excrete uric acid and dramatically drop uric acid level in just one day.
    • Much more effective than Allopurinol in lowering uric acid level.
    • Unlike Allopurinol which works on suppress generation of uric, Benzbromarone works on excrete uric acid that allow necessity based usage and quick aftermath "rescue".
    • Does not cause kidney stone. Improves kidney's filtration function.

    Reference serving of Benzbromarone to fight gout:

    • Use healthy life styles to keep blood uric acid low. Use only when uric acid level is higher than 6 mg/L.
    • Take one 50 mg tablet in the morning before breakfast with a large cap of water.
    • No more than one tablet a day. Likely several days a tablet depending on uric acid level measured by the home test kit recommended above.


    • Benzbromarone has been tested in the lab to cause mice to develop liver cancer in very high dosage. Although there is few liver cancer cases on human associated with intake of Benzbromarone, take this medicine only when it is necessary.

    What to expect:

    • In 12 hours, Uric acid level can drop from 7.5 mg/L to 3.6 mg/L.
    • After taking Benzbromarone a couple of years, it may take 3 to 4 days for uric acid level to raise back to 6 mg/L and above, which means 3 to 4 days a pill is what it needs.
    • Sometimes with unknown reasons like diet or whether, uric acid level does not raise to over 6 mg/L in 6 to 8 days, so 6 to 8 days a pill only.
    • In rarer cases, gout pain could still experienced even uric acid level is lower than saturation point (<6.8 mg/L) due to over active immune system triggered by cold/flu or hot weather, etc. In this case, Colchicine intake may be considered at the same time.

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    Colchicine and its plant. Courtesy of


        Beget: $10.00 per year. 

    Key points that Colchicine wins the recommendation:

    • It is the most specialized anti gout inflammation drug with dependable effectiveness.
    • Indomethacin, Ibuprofen, cortisone, etc... are not effective in the long run (may quickly work for a while). They will cause allergy and have more serious side effects.
    • Colchicine is not great but other anti-inflammatory drugs are even worse.

    Reference serving of Colchicine to fight gout inflammation:

    • Use only when gout pain occurred or inflammation happened.
    • Make sure blood uric acid is lower than saturation level by diet or medicine while using Colchicine! Otherwise the immune system has the right to fight uric acid crystals by inflammation and the pain or swollen could drag on.
    • Total colchicine pills taken in an acute gout attack should be no more than 6 mg (10 tablets of 0.6 mg each). Colchicine should be taken at an initial dose of 1.2mg followed by 1 tablet every 2 hours until the gouty pain is relieved or diarrhea happened, or the maximum dose is reached. Take no more than 5 tablets per day.
    • Wait at least 3 days to begin the next course of treatment if gout pain persistent.


    • It takes 48 hours to have significant effectiveness. Keep this trend in mind and do not over dose in the first 2 days.
    • Colchicine suppresses activity of white blood cells that can weaken immune system.
    • Colchicine does not cure gout or lower uric acid level, it reduces the inflammation only.
    • Colchicine has certain toxicity. It should be used under doctor\92s instruction or the reference usage above, whichever is less.

    What to expect:

    • After 24 hours to begin some pain relief.
    • After 48 hours to have significant pain relief.
    • Uric acid level must be kept low to have reliable total relief from a gout attack, otherwise the inflammation could linger.

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    *Following Items are Reviewed without Recommandation*

    Allopurinol requires life long commitment of daily usage. Does not work on uric acid already in the blood. It prevents you from finding out which food triggered higher uric acid level through testing.

    Indomethacin, Ibuprofen, cortisone, etc... are not effective in the long run (may quickly work for a while). They will cause allergy and have more serious side effects that will make the gout treatment worsen in the long run.

    Food supplements like Uricnex, GoutCure, GoutWell, etc... have very limited short term effort. Due to the limited content control in these supplements and no long-term clinical trials were ever done, they do not really work or trustworthy.

    Gout Risk Reducing Foods


    • Unfortunately, BesMerchan does not find best gout treatment foods. In general, foods that help most may be able to lower uric acid level by up to 0.5 mg/L a day with large amount of consumption and without any intake of uric acid generating food.
    • No food is found to be able to constantly keep gout away without gouty life style changed.
    • If a body is in uric acid saturation level for a long time, uric acid will slowly dissolve back to the blood stream when the blood's uric acid level becomes lower. So uric acid level may lowered for up to 0.5 mg/L and rise back within a day even a great gout fighting food is taken.
    • Being a vegetarian without gout provoking vegetables and cheese is a sustainable way to be gout free without medicine after crystallized uric acid in the body is resolved.
    • Sustainability (always available, low price, easily prepared) is the key for food treatment of gout.

    Dark Leafy Greens

    (Organic Spring Mix Salad, e.g.)

    Over all uric acid reduction and wellbeing

    • Eating dark leafy greens is the best way to remain low or reduced uric acid level and overall wellbeing.
    • Eat raw as salad or cook just enough to kill harmful bacteria or release patricide only.
    • Watch out what salad dressing is used \96 no cheese for gout patient!
    • Try best to wash patricide and harmful chemicals on the vegetable. Organic greens still need to be washed to reduce bacteria or rotten pieces.

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    Raw Radish

    The anti-inflammatory food

    • Eat raw radish with skin can reduce the chance of a gout attack. Use before having gouty foods. Gouty sore occurs right after a food (no inflammation yet) can be reduce or eliminated within two hours after eating enough amount of raw radish.
    • Radish does not work well when gout inflammation already occurred. It does not reduce uric acid level.
    • Eat radish significantly reduce the chance of getting serious flu or cold. Recovering from flu or cold also faster. Flu or cold could trigger gout attack.
    • Efficiency to suppress gout inflammation will be reduced dramatically after 8 month of daily usage.

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    Celery Juice

    The anti-hypertension and mild uric acid reduction drink

    • Lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the cause or result of gout attack.
    • Mildly lower uric acid level. Up to 0.5 mg/L a day.
    • Blood pressure should be checked frequently if daily drinking of celery juice for more than a week. If blood pressure becomes too low, stop drinking celery juice for several days.
    • Drink a cap before breakfast. Drink more between meals to increase potency.
    • Use celery sterns as snack between meals.
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    Raw Cucumber

    The anti-diabetes and mild uric acid reduction food

    • Believed to be able to lower blood sugar level and neutralize acidity in the blood that helps excrete uric acid.
    • Blood sugar level is often accompanied with gout symptom.
    • Always eat raw. Eat 150 gram slightly peeled before a meal daily.
    • Eating too much raw cucumber with empty stomach could cause temporary headache due to blood too alkaline or low blood sugar.

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    * Following Items are Reviewed without Recommendation *

    Cherry is expensive compare to the three vegetables listed above. It is not year-round available. The sugar and acidity inside seriously cut its gout fighting effectiveness or can even worsen the gout symptom.

    Baking soda is worth a try, however it is a mineral, does not have the healing power of raw vegetable (radish/celery juice/cucumber) and the side effect could be felt easily (lowered digestion, high sodium, higher blood pressure).

    Water treated by alkaline water sticks is tried and it did not lower uric acid level. The content of the alkaline stick is not trustworthy.

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