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Best Telephone and Plan

Mobile Phone and Plan

Samsung T239 Impact Mobile Phone (for example) (2009 recommendation)

T*Mobile Prepaid (To-Go) Plan with Gold Reward Status (2009 recommendation)

Home Phone Answering Machine and Plan

VTech Communications CL2939 Corded Speakerphone  (2013 recommendation)

Vtech i5881 5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Phone with Integrated Digital Answering

(2005 recommendation)

Phone Line with local Flat Rate, add Caller ID, add DSL Internet Service

(2007 recommendation)


Mobile Phone

  1. Able to use a phone card for prepaid function.

  2. Small, easy to use and a long lasting battery that can keep phone on for days.

  3. Smallest radio radiation (good for keeping the brain healthy ) while the communication is still good.

  4. Camera and camcorder functions are good to have but not a must.

  5. For simplicity, reliability, low cost and long battery run time, fancy features like iPhone are not needed. Focuses on phone is just for voice communication only.

Samsung Impact T239 (for example)

    Beget:  $58.88 Wal-Mart online as of 11/26/2009. 

    Features and functions meet or exceeded the basic requirements while price is among the lowest in store.

    Note: Samsung Impact may have several models. T239 is the one described here. Due to the very low requirements, many simple low price mobile phones are able to meet the requirement. This is only an example of many qualify phones.   

        Key points that Samsung T239 Impact mobile phone wins the recommendation:      

  • Support prepaid cards.

  • Lowest price with camera and other needed basic functions.

  • Samsung's good quality.

  • Up to 6 hours of talk time, up to 336 hours (14 days) of standby time.

►  [Why not buy an iPhone, Blueberry or something like that with more fancy features?]

 iPhone or something like that is like a small PC or Mac, it requires monthly network supporting fee to access the internet - it is a redundant payment for a home PC to internet. Unless you really need to work on the road, we recommend you always use home PC to access internet comfortably, leave the time on the road for relaxation or just enjoy the real world surrounding you. Enjoy the simplicity of life and protect the eyes from being hurt by the tiny screens.

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Mobile Phone Monthly Plan

  1. Lowest average monthly fee for quality phone network coverage.

  2. No charge for not using the phone - no fixed or minimum monthly fee.

  3. Able to rollover unused minutes to the next prepaid period.

T*Mobile Prepaid (To-Go) Plan Gold Reward Status


    Beget:  $100/year for the first year (this activates gold reward status), then $25/year most of the years and $50/year or $10/year in some years after the first year depending how much time you want to spend on the phone. As of 12/26/2009.

    T*Mobile prepaid (to-go) plan gold reward status meets all the basic requirements for a monthly mobile phone plan. 


        Key points that T*Mobile Prepaid (To-Go) Plan Gold Reward wins the recommendation:      

  • Lowest price (see the budget above) for normal mobile phone users - mobile phone using is mean to speak out important or necessary information only - it is not for time killing. The average price you pay can down to less than 1/10 of the fix monthly mobile phone plans easily!  

  • The plan meets all the basic requirements listed above.

  • T*Mobile has great geographic coverage and signal quality.

  • The sense of every minute will cost money (To-Go plan pay by the minutes of calling) reminded the true value of your time. It tends to prevent you from wasting your time cooking on the phone and end up saving your money.

►  [with monthly plan, I can have unlimited talking time. It is a really good deal in the sense of per minute price.]

Don't waste your time on the phone. Mobile phone is mean to communicate necessary message on the road only. If you really have a lot to talk, comfortably talk with your home phone. Use calling cards with home phone to call long distance, that will save you a lot form monthly mobile plan or save a lot on home phone's long distance option.   

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Wired Home Phones

  1. No battery and no external power needed to operate. Highly reliable. 

  2. One or two-touch memory keys for easy phone number dialing.

  3. Has speakerphone functions.

  4. Large keys.

  5. Not a cordless phone for preventing wireless interception of the conversation.  

VTech Communications CL2939 Corded Speakerphone with Big Button

    Beget:  $26 as of 5/4/2013.

        Key points that VTech (Model: CL2939) home phone wins the recommendation:

  • It meets all the basic requirements for a home phone for its big button, no power supply needed for basic function, reliable, no wireless interception and crystal clear laud sound.

  • Low price.

►  [This phone is not needed because I have cordless one.]

What we need in the basic requirements are features a cordless phone normally can not achieve. In case of no power and no battery at home, in case of wanting a more secured conversation, a home phone that meets the basic requirements is needed.

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Home Cordless Phone and Answering Machine

  1. Home cordless phone must come with a base station that is also an digital answering machine.  

  2. Solid state memory, no tape is needed for the answering machine in the base station.

  3. Digital transceiver system between the cordless phone and the base station.

  4. Use 900 MHz or 5.8 GHz to avoid the crowded 2.4 GHz frequency band.

  5. Automatic channel switch to avoid interference.

  6. Crystal clear digital communication.

  7. Caller ID and more.   

Vtech i5881 5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Phone with Integrated Digital Answering Machine

   Beget:  $80 as of 12/26/2009.

        Key points that Vtech i5881 5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Phone with Integrated Digital Answering wins the recommendation:      

  • It Meets all the basic requirements for a cordless home phone and answering machine.

  • Low price.

►  [How about a nice 2.4 GHz cordless phone?]

2.4 GHz is crowded with computer's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. We tried cordless phone at this frequency and found to be interfered with noise.

►  [How about other brand name?]

We can not find other brand names to have such a quality and features with such a low price.

►  [Why not buy an stand alone answering machine or just use phone company's answering machine?]

Cordless phone with integrated answering machine save one home power outlet and space compare to buy separately. Do not use phone company's answering machine for saving the monthly feature fee and have more privacy.

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Home Phone and Internet Monthly Plan

  1. Lowest monthly fee on flat rate home phone service with caller ID feature.  

  2. Acceptable DSL speed with the lowest monthly fee.

Phone Line with local Flat Rate, add Caller ID, add DSL Internet Service

    Beget:  Total $46 as of 12/26/2009. $31 for monthly flat rate and caller ID and government charges. $15 for basic DSL internet service, ATT, San Francisco bay area. Note price may have raised recently.


        Key points that ATT home phone monthly plan and DSL internet service win the recommendation:      

  • It is the lowest monthly home phone plan with flat rate and caller ID.

  • It is the lowest DSL internet service with acceptable speed for normal web browsing. Our engineer and housekeeper do not have a hobby of watching HD video online nor download music, so the basic DSL speed is good enough.

►  [Use cable for home phone and internet.. It is all in one package and has super fast internet access.]

We (our engineer and housekeeper) do not need cable service and super fast internet service. By scaling down the service that cover only what we need, we save us about $50 a month compare to cable/phone/internet package. 

►  [How about other phone features and enhanced internet access speed?]

We do not have a hobby of watching HD video online nor download music, so the basic DSL speed is just good enough. By scaling down the service that cover only what we need, we save us about $20 a month compare to more phone features and higher internet speeds. 

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