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Best LCD TV and Antenna

42" AOC Envision (2009 recommendation)

DB4 Antenna (2009 recommendation)



  1. Digital LCD TV - flat light weight panel, with all kinds of the technology to enjoy today and will last to the future (compare to CRT and Plasma TV).

  2. Highest resolution, large view panel in lowest price.

  3. Has all kinds of the video input available.




        Beget:  $699.99 in Micro Center stores as of 12/14/2008. 

        Picture, resolution, features and overall quality equals or beats almost all the LCD TV with the same size while price is the lowest in store.


        Key points that AOC Envision 42" full HD TV wins the recommendation:      

  • Lowest price with top qualities.

  • Full HD (1290 x 1080) resolution.

  • High brightness, satisfactory contrast, wide view angle.

  • Has all kinds of the video input (RCA x 2, S-Video x 2, HDMI x 2, component x 2, PC x 1).

►  [With higher price, you can get super high contrast or 120 Hz screen refresh rate.] Those two features seems to be sales gimmick mainly with some degree of serving the very rich or very picky. Other than higher price, more waste of power and shortened component's life. Our eyes do not enjoy supper high contrast. There are no much TV scenes that require high 120 Hz refresh rate on the screen - it means that most of the time the advantage of high refresh rate can not be felt.

►  [Pay higher price for brand names, they have higher quality.] We found non-brand name LCD TVs are likely to have the same or better quality as brand name with lower price. However, we do carefully check TV manufacture's production and quality capability and recommend those seem credible only. 

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TV Antenna

  1. Strongest and cleanest signal possible even inside a house.

  2. No need to have amplifier which increases power connection incontinence and may actually increase the noise of signal.





    Beget:  $37.99 in Solid Signal web site as of 7/4/2009. 

    Signal quality and strength beats almost all the indoor antennas although it is a little unfair to compare this outdoor antenna with indoor ones, but this one can be easily installed indoor.

   See the following picture, it is installed on a rod and tied to a leg of the nearby desk indoor. No antenna amplifier used. The antenna is facing balcony outside. Result in Mountain View, California as of 2012/1/29: Digital channels found are 79, minus audio channels, digital video channels received reliably is 69. Digital signal quality equals or better than digital cable TV because most of them are HD broadcasting. No antenna direction turning needed for different TV channels most of the time.

    Note: TV signal is weaker if antenna is too close to corner or wall indoor. 



        Key points that DB4 HD TV antenna wins the recommendation:      

  • Medium price with top signal qualities that can not be found from others.

  • Small enough to be installed indoor.

  • The signal normally is strong and clean enough, so there is no need to turn for different channels in different weather conditions indoor.

  • No amplifier.

►  [Try other antennas with famous brand names.] We tried, but can not find any indoor antenna that can search so many reliable TV channel without the need of turning antenna direction for different channels.

►  [Buy antennas with amplifiers.] Not only an antenna amplifier increases inconvenient of usage, it tends to amplify noise indoor and actually reduced signal-to-noise ratio. It is the signal-to-noise ratio that matter not the amplitude of the input. Using indoor antenna amplifier is a totally waste of energy and money.

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